Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pug facts and breed standard

History of Pug

The pug homeland is England, but the country of origin is China.
The pug is said to be descended from the shorthaired version of the dwarf dog. Also called Happa-dog already on the 700's in China.

There are data showing that the pug arrived in Europe in the late 1500s.
Eventually it was England who came to utforna pug in appearance it has today.

pug dog breed

Usage, Features & Mentality

The pug is a great companion dog that works well with young children.
Pug is a small dog with a lot of curiosity, personality, and a large dose of humor.
The pug works very well with other dogs and is a straightforward race. The breed is suitable for most dog owners.

The weight is around 5-8kg. The pug should be square and compact built. The head should be round with short and blunt muzzle and clear wrinkles.

The tail should be curled tight and lie on your back or hip.


The pug is a breed with few breed-specific diseases. Common injuries that occur is on the eyes.
This is because naturally when the pug does not have a long nos.Vid eye injuries take forever to contact your veterinarian.


Very easy to care for coat but brushing of the coat occasionally necessary. Especially when precipitation in spring and autumn. Well if it is bathed once a month.


It is very important that each week going through the pug ears so that it is clean. Drought also nosvecket. Brushing is also something that is necessary when food can remain inanför lips.